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Additional Services: Integration

Hair Integration" hair pieces are especially designed for those with thinning hair that do not want the full coverage of a wig but want instead to add more fullness to to their own thinning hair. It is the integrating of new real hair with your existing hair in a particular area of the scalp to cover an area or add fullness as desired. You can brush it, pull it and run your fingers through it without seeing a difference.


Your own natural, growing hair is combined with the hair on the integration piece to create the look of a full, complete head of hair.

Additional Services: Hair Pieces

We sell only quality European hair wigs and hair extensions. This includes medical wigs, integrations for thinning hair, and hair replacement for women and men. Human hair wigs are considered the gold standard in wigs.


A wig is the perfect solution for medical hair loss, thinning hair, or if you just want to make a fashion statement. למכירה פיאות איכותיות משיער רוסי ואירופאי במחירי סיטונאות יש לנו פטרון לשיער דליל או קרחות

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