Gia Sarit is a true expert stylist. She has a natural instinctive knowledge about style, coloring, shape & technique. She doesn’t merely cut hair; she sculpts and carves precision shapes to frame your face, perfectly. Your hair will appear to simply fall into place- as if it was born to twist, turn, lift, fly, swagger, swirl, and flow that way.


Gia Sarit was a John Sahag assistant and hair stylist. Top training at schools in London and Israel has helped to establish Gia Sarit as one of the most talented, innovative colorists in New York.


Over the past seventeen years, Gia Sarit has been recognized for setting beauty trends and color correction, with fresh new looks. Anyone who has had their hair cut, styled, colored, and shaped by Gia Sarit, knows that she has taken the art of hairstyling to the highest form of perfection.

Gia Sarit can bring the salon to you by request, and always makes time for her clients.

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